[elb hɅŋ musik]                                                                      [hɅŋ ænd beis prdƷekt]

the unique melodic instrument HANG is known by most people as a solo instrument played in pedestrian areas of big cities or in many videos on "YouTube". it has been created just in 2000 in the city of bern / switzerland. it´s a kind of steel pan played by hand ("HANG" = swiss dialect for "hand"). on the top shell there are seven or eight tones which where hammered into the steel and placed round the cup with a fundamental tone. meanwhile many cd´s with HANG music have been released, and a lot of them are solo releases. mostly they represent a music more of contemplative kind. nevertheless, the HANG  &  BASS PROJECT took a new exciting direction as a pop/jazz/funk studio project.


The HANG & BASS PROJECT was founded as a side project by drummer, HANG player and theatre musician stefan wiegand and bass player thomas maack (who also plays jazz guitar). at the beginning, they had several sessions in a duet, but soon they created compositions for a whole band. On their first album "HANG POP!" (see under "tonträger") with 14 catching tracks they were supported by excellent musicians, for example  the virtous jazz saxophone player stefan maus (for instance nils gessinger band) or  top bass player martin drees who played with pee wee ellis, bobby byrd etc.


from 2012 to 2016 the unparalleled HANG & BASS PROJECT  came to life again as an acoustic live project. they returned to the roots working as a duo featuring lars kröger on double bass and sound effects. together they played a lot of  different gigs - big and small ones.


after this collaboration, stefan is working on a solo project named elb HANG musik

at the end of 2017, he released the first album "hang´n´bass" (cd & download) followed (listen under "musik & videos").

since 2019, a collaboration with the exciting new avantgarde pop band "Evantgarde" followed on their debut album "Bling Blang" and as guest musician, now as regular member of the band in their live concerts (HANG, perc. dr., voc).

in 2020 the musical range was expanded by the new instrument SHELLOPAN and a further program named "arctic elegies" (reading with author petra krumme about her journey to the gwich´in people in the far northwest of kanada) has been drawn up.

in springtime 2021, elb HANG musik released the new album "into the arctic" with arranged music of the reading (digipack & and booklet in english)!

in 2022, the digital re-release of the instrumentals from the album "HANG POP!" by HANG & BASS PROJECT followed.

in dec. 2023, elb HANG musik released the groovy digital single "HANG around the disco" with rock guitar, in march 2024 the next exciting single "flying high" follwed, also with e-guitar! 

in 2024, further gigs with elb HANG musik and Evantgarde are planned - and further releases of new tracks! 


The journey of particular elb HANG musik  from hamburg goes on !